Specialty Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Services

Drainex Rooter & Plumbing Co. plumbers and drain cleaning experts are up to date on the latest drain cleaning and plumbing services and repair methods. With expert plumbers and drain cleaning specialists, we are able to provide quality plumbing and drain cleaning work for both commercial and residential properties. We offer a wide range of drain cleaning and plumbing services that are sure to fit your needs, including water treatment conditioners and trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

We would be happy to offer a free estimate so that we may discuss our up to date methods on repairing your plumbing or drain cleaning issues. Whether you need basic drain cleaning service or you are looking to repair a pipe that has been damaged by roots by using the latest trenchless sewer and drain pipe lining rehabilitation methods, Drainex Rooter & Plumbing Co. has a drain cleaning expert to assist you.


Tired of constantly having a drain cleaning company at your house because of troublesome roots that have damaged your drain pipe? We offer trenchless pipe rehabilitation to solve this issue. Trenchless Sewer & Drain Pipe Lining Rehabilitation is a single access pipe relining system to rehabilitate existing building service laterals. Because root intrusion in a drain pipe is a serious issue, Drainex Rooter & Plumbing Co. technicians are trained to solve this issue in any commercial or residential property. Call Drainex and find out how to repair your drain pipe issue today.


  • Eliminate Root Intrusion from drain pipe
  • Bridge Missing Pipe Sections
  • Increase Flow Efficiency
  • Minimum Design Life 50 Years (Tested)
  • Non-Woven/ No Stretch Liner
  • Single Point of Access for Lining

For more information visit Perma-liner Industries, Inc. at: http://www.perma-liner.com

  • Seal Open Joints
  • Prevent Pipe Failure
  • Reline 4" to 6" Transitions
  • Stop Infiltration/ Ex-Filtration
  • IAMPO Certified


Are you concerned about hard water scale and corrosion?
Would you like to stop spending $ on hard water damage?
Are you tired of the trouble, mess and expense of softening salt?
Would you like your water to taste and smell better?
Are you tired of spending money on bottled water?
Would you like to remove fluoride from your drinking water?

If your answer was yes to any of the above, give us a call today. Allow one of our expert plumbers to recommend a solution to your problem for less money than you are currently spending on bottled water.

Drainex Rooter & Plumbing Co. installs Halo Water Treatment Conditioners for those customers who are concerned about the quality of their water.

For more information visit the Halo Water website at: http://www.halowater.com